Paper UFO

Paper UFO
There is always something new to see at Walsh County. I climbed the big hill so I could show you the new sledding sign. But, I got distracted by something I always see when I go to the County. See that thing in the upper right of my pic? It’s a paper airplane. With lights. And one day several weeks (months? who can tell) ago, I was at WC and I touched something on the ground. This paper airplane flew up and flew over my head, around and up and back, while I was walking around on the land. When I left, it disappeared. But where I came back, there it was again! It is so fast and zippy, I could barely get a shot of it! I sometimes think I should contact those creative Walsh County folks and ask how I can get rid of the ufo. But then, I think that it’s just another special thing about that place, and it’s like of like it’s just for me.

Meva Brianna Pullover (wearing Maitreya Petite!) at Cosmopolitan until Nov. 28
MoOH Jolene Jeans, fatpack, at N21
LaGyo_La Parisienne gacha – Scarf BW at Collabor88
Deep Static Luna Glasses at Cosmopolitan until Nov. 28
Fewness Potency Earrings Fatpack
Truth VIP hair, Forever
PSYCHO.Byts Pose 4 (Cosmo 8th Anniversary Gift, May 2020)
Shot at Walsh County

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King of the Highland Cattle

King of the Highland Cattle
He told me his name was Wellington…Wellington de Bourguignon. I herd him before I saw him. And when we met, I was enchanted! Enchanted enough with his moo-ellow voice and horns a’plenty to join him in a bovine ballad. A Highland fling. A beefy beat. It was thrilling! Afterwards, I left. But before I did there were promises made to sing again, to sing the song of his people, Wellington de Bourguignon, King of the Highland Cattle.

ARTI’S Fashion Cropped Sweater Fatpack, NEW at the Christmas Wonderland Event
Salt & Pepper Hazel Skirt, black, at Collabor88
AsteroidBox Rose Boots, fatpack
[monso] Marcela Hair /Browns&Blondes (Maitreya Petite)
Genus Project head; Maitreya Lara with Petite Add-on body, DS’Elles skin applier
label motion Carola Pose 5 c. 2014 (see SL Marketplace)
Wellington de Bourguignon lives at Hazardous

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On the edge of a painting

On the edge of a painting
When life looks like a painting, you wonder what’s real and what isn’t. Are you the creator or the creation? The maker or the made? The painter or the painting? Hard to say. When life looks like a painting.

Neve Yuki Jacket Fatpack at the Itty Bitty Titty Committee event until November 23 – for Maitreya and Maitreya Petite, Legacy and Legacy Perky, and Freya
Tres Blah – Myla Miniskirt – Plaid at Collabor88
Lindy Neala Spectator shoe at Designer Showcase for Maitreya and SLink
Izzie’s Sheer Tights Basics
Deep Static Zina Glasses
*barberyumyum*51 (brown) and 51beret(A)
Le Poppycock *Sparks Fly* Delight pose/prop at The Liaison Collaborative until Nov. 26
Shot at Walsh County

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Market Reflection

Market Reflection
She was her own silent love story:
A forget-me-not who grew her soul
in a moonlit field of wildflowers.
Angie Weiland-Crosby

The Annex Leeann Top, Fatpack (shown in Rose) for Maitreya, Freya, and Hourglass, NEW
Cynful Keeper Flare Pants, Denim
Kunglers Hayden Rings (well, one of them 🙂 )
[monso] Ahri2 Hair /Brown&Blonde at Collabor88
KZ Poses – Docile pose
Shot at Little World (in the market)

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Clouds in my eyes

Clouds in my eyes
No, not cataracts…not quite yet, anyway! But sweet little sunglasses from Dish that you can find at eBento. I’m also loving this hair from Truth! VIP group gift…fatpacks all around!

*Just BECAUSE* Rayanna Dress – 22Grey at Collabor88
Izzie’s – Maitreya Lara – Applier Cozy Tights
Dish Cloudlet Glasses – black at eBento
Truth VIP Forever (with bangs included in the pack), group gift
Bloom! Ground Bed Green
ChiMia Jones Curtains (Wild Autumn)
Barnesworth Anubis Bozeman Barn

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Ah, traveling. Not so much of that these days. But in SL, we can travel far and wide, up and down, inside and outside…wherever the wind and the will take us. Just remember to grab a postcard!

*COCO* _GatheredFrontCamiTop(Black)_MT-Petite
RIOT/Indigo Corduroy Flares – Black
Ohemo Waterdrops Hoops Earrings, Fatpack
Truth VIP hair, Forever (group gift)
Izzie’s Lipgloss; GENUS Project Classic Face W001 head; Maitreya Lara body with Petite Add-On, DS’Elles skin applier
Le Poppycock *Slow Motion* pose pack
Shot at Soul2Soul River

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What is that *smell*?!

What's That *Smell*??!!
You know, when you’re on the dock with the seals and the fish and the birds and gasoline smell from boats and it’s pretty overwhelming? Luckily, SL doesn’t have all the senses we have in RL so really, this pose is just for effect. What is that smell??!!

M.Birdie / Nari Look skirt, Lara2 at Kustom9
*COCO* FurBolero(Gray)_Maitreya
[ARTI’S] Tight Tanktop
The Annex Lacy Mottled Wool Tights Fatpack for We ❤ Roleplay (comes with Omega applier and BOM tattoos)
Eudora3D Momo Boots
Orsini Jewelry JESS Earrings
tram J0428 hair / HUD-A
Hotdog Conceited Poses, pose 3
Shot at Green Acres (on the docks)

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The Joy of Being

The Joy of Being
Yesterday, I was invited to the Flickr group “The Joy of Being a SL Shemale.” Okay. I have no problems with what anyone want to be/do/create/depict in Second Life. You are all fantastic – furries, wolves, vampires, shemales, men, women, large, small, the list goes on and on. But…what am I doing wrong? Is it my switch to the Petite add-on? Is it my previous shot of Ethan Palianta? Is it my 5 o’clock shadow? Ah well, to whomever invited me to the group, thank you! I have respectfully declined but I’m glad there are spaces for everyone to strut their stuff.

Addams//Maitreya Petite Add-On Lingerie (top, comes with the Petite Add-On)
Vale Koer 15 Urban Fitness Shorts M Black
Kunglers Hayden Ring
DOUX AVa Hairstyle [Basic Pack]
Project K Eat Banana prop (on SL Marketplace) combined with old aDORKable pose
Shot at *Everwinter*

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Hitching a Ride

Hitching a Ride
It’s not a good idea to light sparklers in a field that is crawling with straw bales. Still, when old Farmer Brown came across this stunning sight in the night, he had to stop. Well, he also had to stop because that crazy girl was in the middle of the road. He offered her a conditional ride – “you can get in as long as you put out that sparkler, missy!”

Seniha – Elise Dress//Sky at Uber (Maitreya Petite)
[JUSTICE] Emma Jacket, Mini Pack (Maitreya Petite) ***Note: the Petite version is not currently in the store
[monso] Malvene hair /Brown & Blondes at Kustom9
Le Poppycock *Sparks Fly* Trip the Light pose/prop at The Liaison Collaborative
Shot at Walsh County

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