The Missing Mile

I do love the Missing Mile Dark Rural Community. I wandered the streets in search of ambiance and found it at every turn!
My jeans are the lovely bootcut Klara from Pixicat. I’ve never met a Pixicat I didn’t like! I love mixing and matching, so I paired up my perfect jeans with the top from a skirt/top combo outfit from Paris Metro. I love the texture of this top. My boots are amazing! Ankle boots, perfect for pants, leather and chains, from Bleich. I know I picked them up at an event but I neglected to write down where. To my dismay, if I don’t write it down these days, it’s not going to get remembered. Bleich is available on SL Market place and I’ve included the link for the online store below.

jeans – Pixicat, Klara Jeans Bootcut, DarkBlue
top – Paris Metro Couture, the blouse part of the Land Impact Skirt&Blouse
boots – Bleich, Mesh Coy, black (link for shop on SL Marketplace)
necklace – Salt & Pepper necklace Amy
bracelet – Salt & Pepper, Jolie
hair – Elikatira, Hosanna (currently a Moving Sale in progress – deals to be had throughout the store – everything 75L!)
poses – Vista “Perfect Lady” Animations HUD
makeup – Livia
location – The Missing Mile

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No One Can Be Neutral About Neutrals!


I do love a good neutral. And I’ve got it all going on here with these various separates. As I’m heading out of town tomorrow and won’t be around till the weekend, this will be a quicky as I have to go pack! Enjoy the rest of the week…and this outfit. I’m having some issues with wordpress tonight so my apologies for the lack of slurls.

top – COCO_Gift_Turtleneck Sweater
pants – //Ascend// Inga Harem Pants, gray, at Shiny Shabby
shoes – Essenz, Georgia, (Olive Gray) Gift at Black Fashion Fair 2016 (on until April 29)
hair – Action Inkubator Hair, Nelly
earrings – Salt & Pepper
scarf – REDGRAVE

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Tall Tall Shadow

Sometimes a hot outfit and high high heels are just what a girl needs to cast a tall tall shadow. My lovely top with the sweet back is from MYNX. This Flare Crop Tank is lilac and there are other colours to choose from. I love how fresh and summery this top is. My skirt is a new group gift from agapee, the pretty Botanical skirt. These sky high heels are from Glamistry that I picked up at a recent Fifty Linden Friday. Now, go cast your own powerful shadow!

top – MYNX, Flare Crop Tank, lilac, NEW
skirt – agapee, Botanical Skirt, Group Gift
shoes – Glamistry, Statice heels
ring – [kunst] – Fox Ring/Gold, Wildlife Ring gacha at Kustom 9
skin: LAQ, body: Maitreya, hair: Mithral, makeup: alaskametro (eyeshadow), Glance (lips), poses: Purple Poses, backdrop: Katink

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Let It Rain

The best thing that one can do when it is raining is to let it rain.’
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~
Let It Rain
When it’s raining, you can also pick up this fantastic umbrella/pose set from Le Poppycock that you can find over at Men Only Monthly! MOM is on till May 15. Olivia’s poses are as amazing as usual and the ample umbrella is colour-change! The “Finger” choice of colour/texture is especially evocative.😀 Also, I took a stroll over to the Men Only District and wowee is there ever a ton of awesome stuff for guys! I remember back in the day that the complaint was that there wasn’t much great stuff for male avatars but we seem to have come over that hump, so to speak. For my stroll in Rainy City, I’ve wearing a lovely new top from Neve, Dazed in Linear. Every top comes with a four-colour hud. My snazzy trousers are the Shinoda pants in khaki. I picked them up over at Vinyl for Fifty Linden Friday. My shoes are from Livalle and my hair is Talvikki from TKW. Happy Sunday!

umbrella and poses – Le Poppycock, Spring Showers Pose & Prop, at Men Only Monthly on till May 15
top – Neve, dazed top, linear
pants – Vinyl, Shinoda Khakis, FLF
shoes – Livalle, Roseta, Ballet Flats, Pink
hair – TKW. Tavikki, browns, at Tres Chic
skin: Glam Affair, Klarissa, Europa (FLF), body: Maitreya, necklace: Amala, lipstick: Izzie’s, eyes: Poetic Colors

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What are your favourites?

My RL sis, TinLiz Winterstorm, was talking about some of her favourite things on her blog and on Flickr, and she made a list of topics. I decided to see her topics and raise her a couple more topics. And yes, my favourite book is The Stand by Stephen King.
ice cream flavor: praline
movie: there are so many to pick from but I’ll say A Knight’s Tale
actor: Keifer Sutherland (since I was but a slip of a girl, which is something as he and I are almost the same age)
auto maker: Toyota (I had a 1982 Tercel that went forever!)
country musician: errr…umm…..😦
breed of dog: I love our mutty mutt mutt but I’ve always wanted a Rotweiller
musical movie: Rock of Ages (it redeemed Tom Cruise and I saw the live version in Vegas!)
card game: Hearts
colour: orange, in all tones
season: Autumn, even though everyone loves autumn these days (see Pinterest)
rock musician: I cannot pick one, so…Robert Plant, Dennis DeYoung, Brad Delp, Barry Manilow (jk about that last one…he’s not rock!)
Nikon or Canon: Nikon
Tim Horton’s or Starbucks: Tim Horton’s
favourite quote: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Max Planck, Nobel Physicist (If you thought Wayne Dyer originally said this, he did not.)

Okay, on with the show. I’m all summered up with these awesome new shorts from MYNX (for Belleza and SLink bodies only). Everyone needs a great pair of denim shorts as a staple of a summer wardrobe. I picked up this cute little top from Vinyl at Tres Chic. You get two versions per pack. Add in these great shoes from Kokoia (Shoe Project Fair) and you’re set!

shorts – MYNX, Jean Shorts, Light (for Belleza and SLink bodies) NEW
top – Vinyl, Dimt Halter Top, at Tres Chic on until May 10 (the bonus colour from the lilac pack)
shoes – Kokoia, Lubbock::Woman::Blue Sky, at The Shoe Project Fair on until April 30
hair – Argrace, Sakura, honey blonde (Group Gift)
skin: Glam Affair, body: Maitreya, lipstick: MOCK, necklace: Frogstar, eyes: Poetic Colors, pose: Le Poppycock, tattoo: TAOX

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When Doves Cry

A sad day yesterday with the passing of Prince.
Chickadees are one of my favourite kinds of birds so when I spied this wonderful Spring Bird tattoo at Tres Chic from Nanika I snapped it right up. The details are lovely, the pink petals are very spring-like, and you will get the tattoo in both fresh and faded versions. This tattoo comes with Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, and SLink appliers as well as a version for the classic avatar. Over at On9 it’s anniversary time and NYU created some stunning Mary Janes with over the knee socks. Here the shoes are teal and you get lots of colours for the socks on a handy hud.

tattoo – Nanika, Spring Bird tattoo, at Tres Chic, on till May 10
shoes/socks – NYU, Maryjane with High Knee Socks, Teal, at On9
skirt – Demise of Flight, Bryony Skirt, pale pink (c. 2013 – only on SL Marketplace now)
top – Lara Mesh Bra that comes with the Maitreya, Lara mesh body (cute!!)
hair – !Oleander, Libby.Galaxy tones, for Fifty Linden Friday (still there)

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The Serious Moonlight

If you say run, I’ll run with you
If you say hide, we’ll hide
~Bowie~Let’s Dance~
Nanika makes some lovely tattoos! This beauty is the Rose Tattoo and you can find it over at the shop at a very special price. My hair is new from Tableau Vivant and you can find it at this round of Shiny Shabby. I love it! Shiny Shabby just opened today so it’s going to be busy. Keep trying, though. Many lovely items.

tattoo – Nanika – Rose Tattoo
hair – Tableau Vivant, Akira hair, from the Basics pack, at Shiny Shabby
jeans – Maitreya, Zipper Skinny Jeans, #4
top – HOC Industries, Tube Top, multi-colour hud
body – Maitreya Lara
pose – Le Poppycock

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