Listen, darlings

Listen, darlings
Listen, darlings, the beach is the place at any time of year! Luxurious waves, delightful boats, fabulous fires! My poohpooh and I just *love* it here. Ta Ta!

Jalea’s Design BohoBeautiful Jacket Med – vintage c. 2014
MIDNA Anne Cardigan ORANGE [Maitreya Petite]
RealEvil Morgan Pants Rare (c. 2017)
[Breathe] Tamio Wedges, Purple
Bliensen + Maitai Fenrir and Amber necklace – gold
Euphoria Margot Earrings at GEMS
Deep Static Zina Glasses, at Cosmopolitan
barberyumyum SO7 Ghost Brown (hair only)
*HEXtraordinary* Cream Frenchie Companion
Rizzi Vanessa 2 pose
Shot at Binemust 2.0

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The Hot in Psychotic

The Hot in Psychotic
Well, if the shirt fits, then wear it! This great tee from Boys to the Bone fits, and it fits a lot of bodies of all genders! Find your message at Kustom9.

Boys to the Bone – latt tee (white) at Kustom9 – for Gianni, HG Petite, Jake, Legacy F, Legacy M, Maitreya, and Maitreya Flat/Petite
[adam n eve] Shortie Black at the Itty Bitty Titty Committee event (closed yesterday; LM is for [ae] mainstore)
Eudora 3D Lyra Boots Colors at Engine Room
*katatOnik* (eyepatch2) Bonnie Gacha
DOUX Tegan Hairstyle at the Dubai Event
Le Poppycock *Yandere* Twisted Love pose/prop
Shot at **Hangars Liquides – Technopunk Deconstructions

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Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice
I went to the Signature Event, pretty sure that not only would the items there be for the Signature bodies but also for other bodies. And I was right. But I just happened upon the time when there was a flash sale on the Signature Alice body!! As I sometimes exhibit poor self-control, am somewhat of an impulse buyer, and live by the philosophy of “you can’t have too many heads or bodies or skins or…”, I bought this body. I think she’s quite different from the big 2 or 3 bodies. I’m going to have to work more on her shape, but I like her. I like the thinner ankles and the hands are pretty. I’ve been looking around for Alice garb and have found some lovely stuff. All the details are below.

LYBRA Angie tops (tank and sheer over-top)
Hilly Haalan Rowan Skinny Jeans Mid-Waist
Equal – Gracie Kitten Heels (fatpack) (man, I *love* these shoes!)
LIVIA//Mix It Bento Nails (Ballerina and Pointed)
Stealthic – Vigil hair, Browns at Anthem
LIVIA Lovely Berry Lipstick [Genus]
GENUS Project Classic Face W001 head; Signature Alice body (Signature Event is now closed); DS’Elles Amanda Lumiere skin applier (Genus for head and Omega for body)
SEmotion Libellune Little Mouse Animesh 8 (Kustom9 – a gift from my sis, L-WSV)
Gingerfish Poses – Kitty 4 (pose/prop)
Shot at Sol Existence

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It wasn’t me.

It wasn't me.

Violent Seduction – The Strawberry – Maitreya [P] black (dress) – for Legacy, Maitreya, and Maitreya Petite – only 50L per colour!!
Bleich – Ashes – Leopard boots
DOUX Tegan Hair at the Dubai Event
The Mars Classy Night Lip at the Dubai Event
GENUS Project Classic Face W001; Maitreya Lara body with Petite add-on; DS’Elles Amanda skin applier
-slouch- Pose 311 (no longer available)
Shot at GBTH by Rachel Breaker

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Foggy in the County

Foggy in the County
It’s foggy in Walsh County and my stupid vehicle quit! Now I have to wait for someone to come get me. Luckily, I’m waiting in style with my Pashmina scarf from The Annex for the Saturday Sale, as well as the new Kristen tank top from Osmia, and my gift pants from COCO. *rawr* Someone should come along soon, right?

The Annex – Pashmina Scarf for the Saturday Sale (unrigged)
Osmia – Kristen Tank Top – Fullpack at the Signature Event (for Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, freya, Legacy, Legacy Perky, and Signature Alice)
Reign Jael Flats, fatpack
Stealthic – Cascade hair, Blondes
-slouch- loud 011 pose (no longer available)
Shot at Walsh County

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Pavarotti Chicken

Pavarotti Chicken
I’ve been known to take my chicken, Pavarotti, over to the Hazardous sim. Pav likes the perpetual fallness of the place. So, imagine my surprise when, while visiting sans poulet, I found that there were chickens running around at Hazardous! I raced home to get my Pavvy and came back so he could join in the song of his poultry. There was chicken opera like you wouldn’t believe. A touching moment, I tell you what!

PS…because of my curious nature, I was just googling to see if I could find any videos of chickens singing Pavarotti. Instead, I found a recipe for…Pavarotti Chicken!! 😱 I suspect that Mr. Quan knew about this horrible recipe when he named my chicken! 🐔

Seniha – Sabrina Dress//Grey (Maitreya Petite worn here) at Equal 10
friday – Wednesday Boots, Coal (with fishnets and socks included)
Vanity Hair – Baccara – Must Haves
Livia Lovely Berry Lipstick [Genus HUD]
Wen – Sophie Skin(Genus)/Spring
GENUS Project Classic Face W001; Maitreya Lara with Petite add-on
JIAN Chicken Collection – Held
Shot at Hazardous

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Cash Money gets you a Refreshment!

Cash Money gets you a Refreshment!
A great new set of separates from Neve at the Black Fair! The Cash top and the Money pants are sold separately but huds allow you to mix and match to your heart’s content. I love the way the pants drape at the hems! Details next.

Neve Pants, Money at the Black Fair
Neve Top, Cash (wearing Maitreya Petite) at the Black Fair
*COCO*_Gift_AnkleStrapFlatShoes_Glitter, group gift
MonCheri – Dangle Layering Necklace /wHUD, Uber birthday gift
Navy + Copper, Genna hair, brunettes
GENUS Project Classic Face W001 head; Maitreya Lara body with Petite add-on; PUMEC Olya skin applier
Le Poppycock *Guilty Pleasures* Sweet Tooth pose/prop at The Pose Fair
Shot at Wision

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Bottle Kiln

Bottle Kiln
Binemust is back as Binemust 2.0 and it is lovely! The build is inspired by the Swedish peninsula on the island of Gotland Bungenäs and created by Biné Rodenberger. It’s got many facets and features. I find the large bottle kilns just stunning. You can see one of them in my photo. Plan a visit!

Bauhaus – Bambi Top/Plum at Uber
Mutresse Stella Skirt
Luova // Bunny // Right Finger Ring
RealEvil Grazia Choker (c.2016)
Stealthic hair, Intrepid, Browns
GENUS Project Classic Face W001 head; Maitreya Lara body with Petite add-on; Wen Sopie skin applier, Spring
Le Poppycock *Overexposed* Insinuations pose
Shot at Binemust 2.0

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How Far?

How far is it? My dog is tired. You can walk and walk in Walsh County and still never get anywhere.

MonCheri Button Down Dress*Mix-Knit Storm at Uber
MonCheri – Dangling Layering Necklace w/HUD, Uber Birthday Gift
Eudora 3D Haloke Boots
Izzie’s Twinnie Jeggings appliers
Magika – Hair – Sage
Hextraordinary* Cream Frenchie Companion at The Arcade
shi.s.poses sunflower
Shot at Walsh County

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Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures
A fantastic Friday and all this food! If you’re into guilty pleasures, check out the new Le Poppycock pose/props available right now at the Pose Fair. Now, excuse me, while I scarf this down!

N-UNO//Lucky Bodysuit//N 6//Maitreya Petite at The Arcade
N-UNO//Lucky Shorts//N 2//at the Arcade
A N E Shoes Myth Sandals
[monso] Lena2 Hair /Brown & Blonde
Le Poppycock *Guilty Pleasures* Insatiable pose/props NEW at The Pose Fair
Shot at Baja Bay

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