Playing Dress Up

I don’t have any plans for Hallowe’en because I tend to be a bit of a SL recluse. But I wanted to put together a costume anyway, and I wanted it to come solely from my inventory. So, I went poking around (let me tell you…a haunted house has nothing on my terrifyingly huge and disorderly inventory!) and I came up with something. I started with the horns. They are the Herne horns from Illusions and I got them when I first came back into SL. I loved the idea of them, but never really had any place to wear them. I see that they’re still at the Illusions shop. I also had this lovely pair of winter wings from Uncle Wiggily in my inventory for ages. Again, no place to really wear them.

I went with the pale Ava skin from LeLutka with light eyebrows and a blond hairbase. It’s such an understated and lovely skin. The hair is called Baby and it’s from the Nodoka hair shop. I don’t see it there, and I did get it a long time ago, but there are lots of cute hair there, including a dollarbie and a couple of lucky boards. I’m wearing the spiderweb face tattoo from YaYo in FTLO Hallowe’en hunt to give my pale blondness a bit of edge.

The gorgeous dress is the Delilah dress in charcoal from Glamazon…another long term resident of my inventory. This is such a fabulous dress, but I unfortunately cannot find this shop anymore. There are three prim attachments for the skirt, which is pretty wild as it has such a nice narrow silhouette, but doesn’t show a lot of glitch pants when posing with the AO. My pose is from Shopaholics Anonymous and it’s called Gazelle. I was looking for a spooky setting and came across Bentham Woods. It’s a role playing sim, but they are welcoming to wandering travelers who just want to take a peek. SLurls below.

Happy Haunting! ♥Gillian
Bentham Woods – setting
Shopaholics Anonymous – pose, Gazelle–only 1L for the whole pose pack!
Illusions – Herne horns
YaYo – face tattoo – from FTLO Hallowe’en hunt; this is the landmark to the main store
LeLutka – Ava skin, lgt with blond brows, gift from awhile ago
Nodoka hair shop
Glamazon – Delilah dress in charcoal – can’t find the shop
Uncle Wiggily – Winter wings (can’t find this shop)

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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