Newness: Tribal Soul and Secrets Hair

Okay, is there anything better than new skin and new hair? I think not! Check it.

Tribal Soul has released a new Perfecta skin, Lorena in three luscious tones,Mocha, Fair, and this one, Contrast. The choices you get are unreal! For example, the fatpack contains eleven or twelve versions of the skin PER MAKEUP! And there are 12 makeups, and the natural skins. And the nude skins. And the full breasts and the small breasts. There are so many skins in a fatpack, I can’t freaking believe it! Two different hairbases, plus bald. Then you can also get tattoos: A tattoo to put a bit of character in your face in the form of a bit of age. Blush tattoos, extra freckles…it’s unreal! The skin above is the Lorena Contrast, Makeup 8, bald. It’s a lovely skin. Soft and creamy, with nice makeup and good body details. The hair above is a new release from Secrets Hair: Winter. The hat is colour change and I love the snowflake detail.

This skin is Lorena Contrast Makeup 11, hairbase 2, with freckles. I’m showing more of the chest so you can see how wonderful the freckles are. They are also amazing on the upper back and the legs. The hair is another new release, Winter II. The hat has a ton of colour and texture changes. Very well done.
Thank you, Syndel!


Tribal Soul Designs
Secrets Hair Store

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I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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