Boxing Day Mishmash

I strolled out and about for awhile this Boxing Day, then went back to my house to warm up.

My mishmash today consists of the faded dragon jeans from Deviance, the intrinsic tank in navy from Jane, and free blue low tops from Maschienenwerks. The outer top is part of a lovely outfit I received as a Christmas gift! The outfit is the Blue Tartan Blouse outfit, and this is the blue tartan blouse! It’s from FA Creations, a new-to-me shop, and one I’ll be exploring further. This top is nicely made! The Indigo bracelet I’m wearing came with this outfit. It also includes shorts, Uggs, a tank, and a bag.

The hair is a gift from Analog Dog. I just love it! it’s called Joy, a tousled side ponytail bound by a braid designed to be worn with the matching hair base. I really like the AD hair base. It has a part down the middle, which I love, and the wispy hair around the face is really well-done. AD has some new stuff out, including a wonderful single braid that I also picked up. I’ll be showing that soon. My skin is a Christmas gift from Dead Bunnehs. You’ll find a gift for the girls and a gift for the guys on the front counter. Snap it up! This skin is wonderful! The chair I’m sitting on comes from Kloka. I really like it’s because it’s AV sized, and not gargantuan in comparison like some SL furniture. The upholstery is warm and cozy, too. The chair comes in 8 fabrics with 5 poses. I chose azuki. At Kloka you can find housewares, furniture, and some garments, including a pair of gift boots!

SLurls and Details
Kloka – chair
Deviance – dragon jeans
FA Creations – blue tartan blouse
Jane – navy intrinsic tank
Analog Dog – hair, gift
Dead Bunnehs – skin, Christmas gift
Maschienenwerks – blue low tops, free

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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