Disco Deals and Other Delights

Ooh, I had a good day in SL today (well, not the whole day, I did do some RL stuff). I got a notecard early this morning about the new Disco Deals offerings. Top SL designers get together and offer special items at crazy low prices.

Let’s start with the skin and the hair, because both are from Disco Deals. The skin is TULI!!!! One of her new ones: Zoe in fair. Two versions come with, brown brows and dark brows. The Zoe shape is included as well. Love the cats-eye makeup, and when can you ever go wrong with Tuli? The hair makes me sooooo happy. It’s the Sabrina hair, and it’s new from Dark Mouse. I’ve read that Mouse Mimistrobell has been working on her textures, and if this hair is any indication, I think she nailed them! I urge you to get the fatpack. Actually, Ms. Mimistrobell was over at the Disco Deals room when I was there. I am kicking myself for not saying hi but I didn’t want to come across as a doofus. So I’ll do so here: MOUSE, I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! *ahem* *blush*

Now, the clothes. The Dinah jeans are from L’Abel, and there’s an amazing sale going on there right now…50% to 75% off. These wonderful jeans were something like 25L. If you’re on a budget and love good quality, go! Hell, go regardless! I’m wearing one of the drew long sleeve tees from Jane. I adore the sleeves that come over the hands in a neat prim attachment. The sweater is from Thimbles, and it’s called Spring is a Million Years Away. It certainly feels like it in the middle of the Canadian prairies. My shoes are the sweet Little Diva flat shoes from GField in white. The bracelet is from Mariposa.

I know this post is long, but I must show you my new bedroom suite. It’s the Sweet Dreams bedroom suite from Sea Hole. It’s for Project Themeory and all three pieces (bed, tree light, and chest) are only 75L. For all three! The bed and the chest have 7 prims each and the tree lamp has 17 prims. The lights on the tree wink and blink and the bed has 2 poses (okay, it might have more but I can only manage these two). Steal of a deal!

Last pic…a closeup of the wonderful Tuli skin.

Sea Hole – Sweet Dreams bedroom suite for Project Themeory (75L)
Disco Deals – Tuli Zoe skin (99L) and Dark Mouse Sabrina hair (99L/colour pack, 198L for fatpack)
L’Abel – Dinah jeans, gray (25L)
Jane – drew long sleeve tee
G Field – Little Diva flats

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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