Sunday Morning Mishmash

It’s a nice Sunday morning and I threw on some stuff to get a look going. It was touch and go there for a minute, but I think I pulled it off. Let’s start with the boots! Hasi’s has released some new wedge boots and the brown patchwork version is on for a promotional special of 10L! And I just received a notecard telling me that the matching patchwork leggings are a dollarbie right now over at Hasi’s so of course I popped over and picked them up. The pose I’m using is from Olive Juice. And here’s a closer look at the boots.

I really like the looks of these fun boots! Elsewhere in the outfit, my wonderful plaid shirt is from Hell Bop Clothing. I was over at FabFree last night and Hell Bop has an 85L gift card over there. I picked up the card, walked out the back of FabFree to Hellbop (both are at The Wash) and picked out this nice 85L shirt! I like how it’s done up at the neck. Underneath I put on the Frilly-flower shirt from Jolie! I picked this up at the Marketplace for 2L and it came with another top. The pants are from Pink Outfitters, the Editor pants in coffee bean.

The silver hoops that you can barely see are a freebie from Hell Bop. Skin is Noori in Sunblush, Marina makeup, from Atomic Bambi. Hair is from ChiChickie, the Pannie style in Chocolate. I’ve seen this type of style around the grid from different designers, but this is one of the best versions of it that I’ve seen. I love how the hair frames the face. And as I popped over to ChiChickie to grab an LM, I ran into the owner and creator, Chiana Meredith. She is currently moving some new stuff into the discount area and told me that all the “Series II” styles are being discounted to 50% off now. Head on over! My eyes are from Muriel, no longer available.

Happy Sunday!

Hasi’s – patchwork boots on sale right now for 10L
Hell Bop – Jesus low rider flannel shirt in gray and freebie earrings (gift card from FabFree)
Pink Outfitters – Editor pants in coffee beans
Jolie! – Frilly flower shirt (SL Marketplace URL for Jolie)
Atomic Bambi -Noori skin in Sunblush, Marina makeup
ChiChickie – Pannie hair, Chocolate
Olive Juice – pose

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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