Tangled up in Fence

And feeling a little Kittenish….and Janish….and Wootish! Read on for the translation of this gibberish.

The morning started bright and fine with a notice of even more new items out at Jane. See this lovely lacy skirt I’m wearing? It’s the little lace skirt in pewter. You can find a pack with 6 colours for FREE. Yes, you read correctly! The top is the Bluedragon shirt from Kittenish. I got it quite awhile ago so I wandered by Kittenish to see if it was still there and it is! Comes in different colours, too. As you can tell by yesterday’s post and today’s, I’m a dragon fan, so I love this pretty tank. While I was there, I picked up these boots, the Colors of Winter boots in Coal. I like them with the lacy skirt.

Okay, now the skin and the hair. First, the skin is a group gift from Illusory. I was so excited to be notified about this because I’ve been itching for one of the Illusory skins but hadn’t taken the plunge yet. This is Paige, Warmth, bold. I just love it! So pretty and a bit of a different look for me. The Layla hair is a new endeavor, and here’s a bit of the notecard I received: [Woot!] Hair is the new side project of Syndel Daviau (Secrets Hair / Tribal Soul Designs) – and eventual partners – to work with different textures and alternative hairstyles. Thank you for the promo hair, Syndel! I only blog what I really like and I have to say I’m totally impressed with this hair! The textures are beautiful, the colours are nice, and I love this hat! It has a gazillion colour-change options. There are two other new releases out from [Woot!] for the ladies (Luana and Aimee) and one for the guys (Johnny). Check them out!

Kittenish – Colors of Winter boots in Coal and the Bluedragon shirt

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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