I Have More MEB Than I Thought I Had!

I went dancing at the Red River Ballroom Friday night and met a very well-dressed lady. I asked her where she had obtained her lovely attire and she replied, “MEB.” I had heard of MEB, of course, but hadn’t been to the main store. So after dancing was done, I hopped over. Then I recognized a couple of things. Turns out that in the last two years, I’ve acquired a few MEB items but wasn’t conscious of it, or something like that. So I gathered all my MEBs together, and was determined to create an outfit with what I had plus a couple of things I picked up while in the shop. And here it is. It’s actually a sad tale of a blogger gone bad, so I hope you have some tissue handy.

I came across this lovely Vespa scooter. While it was a little out of proportion for my frame, I decided I had to have it, so I jumped on it and I stole it! I told you all that shopping was becoming an addiction!!

I didn’t get far. Before I knew it, I was getting mug shots taken.

But man, did I look great!

I learned a valuable lesson out of all this, and I’m sure I’ll put that lesson to good use. As soon as I get out of prison. Crime doesn’t pay, and they don’t let you bring the rest of your clothes to jail.

SLurls and Details
Skirt – Anna skirt from the Giselle outfit, MEB
Top –MEB vest in pink, free MEB Strawberry gift instore (comes with capris, too)!
Boots – MEB Black Black boots. A winter 2010 collection release. You can find these for a low low 100L in the foyer of the store (LM will take you right to them)!
Hair/hat – Noel hair in blonde with a red velvet cap, group gift from MEB. There is NO FEE to join the MEB group.
Stockings – Jolie! Flamb tights (available at the SL Marketplace
Necklace – MAIO Angie single bead necklace
Skin – Nala, Pale from Filthy

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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