A Fix for the Blobbies and New Riddle Goodness!

I’m back! A bit of online troubleshooting led me to the solution for getting rid of Gillian as a big white blob and showing her in all her loveliness again. I came across this post on a blog called Nalates’ Things & Stuff. She offers lots of things to consider when presenting as a blob. Here’s the bit that worked for me:
“Resort to Ruth/Roth
Once you have a fresh inventory download you should be able to Ruth/Roth your avatar and then edit it’s appearance. (Me->Develop*->Avatar->Character->Test Male/Female — *press Ctrl-Alt-Q to make the Develop menu item show).
This ‘test’ option returns your avatar to it’s default state. Everything is replaced; attachments, clothes, eyes, hair, shape, skin… everything. After using this option you will have to rebuild your avatar. Hopefully you have saved your shape.
Update 2010-10-25: Phoenix (373) users are finding the often have to switch to the SLV2 to get the Default Test Avatar to fully replace a non-rez’ing AV. It seems but is unconfirmed some parts of the avatar do not reset using Phoenix (373).”
The above is a direct quote from the blog post linked above. Just a note: I was on SL Viewer 2 when I made the change and it worked. Then I switched back to Phoenix. It wasn’t on purpose though, I was just trying different viewers, so I don’t know how this would work on Phoenix.

Okay, on with the fashion!

I’ve got a bit of a Laura Petrie look going on here. For those of you who don’t remember, Laura Petrie was the character played by Mary Tyler Moore on the old Dick Van Dyke show. It’s the hair and the sweater, I think. Clothes-wise, I’m wearing Riddle. The sweater is a new release from Riddle and it’s fabulous! It also comes with three-quarter length sleeves and in a multitude of colours. I’m wearing the Cableknit Cutie in teal. The capris are also from Riddle, in the Everyday Denim jean pack. My shoes are from the Girl Next Door avvie that comes in our Libraries. When I de-blobbed, I was wearing cute black wedge shoes. Turns out they are in our inventories already, and they are made by Damien Gorilla, the mastermind behind the footwear at Adam&Eve. Score!

Check out my pretty hair! It’s called Mochi and it’s from Analog Dog. This is such fun, poofy hair! I’m wearing it in Jet. Skin is from Apple May Designs, Emily with Ruby lipstick (tattoo). And the necklace is new from undefined lilies. It’s called trees all over, and with a click you can have it with a bird on the branch or without a bird on the branch. So delicate and lovely.

Analog Dog
Apple May Designs
undefinied lilies

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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