Me and My Cow

Don’t you love my cow?? I do! There are 5 poses in this cuddly cow. She’s called the Cube’a’Cow and you can find her at Herbaly’s for a ridiculously cheap price. I think everyone needs one. And she’s copyable, so you can have several! You’re noticing my shoes, aren’t you? They are freakishly spectacular and they are FREE!! Just pop over to Disco Deals, open for this weekend only, and check out the Sn@tch cart. In addition to some lovely lingerie at a fabbo price, you’ll find a swag bag with these free shoes inside. I love them! They make my legs 8 feet long or so! And the bow is colour-change!

Wanting to keep things simple so as to highlight my monster shoes, I chose a simple sequined skirt from Badoura. The prim flap fits really nicely on this skirt. Badoura also has a discount room. I’ll include LMs for both down below. The tank is an oldie from Gigi Couture. I’m not even sure if that shop is still around. My socks are from the back of my closet, and they’re from a place called Arai.

The I’m in the Mood necklace is from Dark Mouse and it comes in a set with earrings for only 99L at the Disco Deals event. The heart and the corresponding white jewels are colour change to suit your mood. Skin is from Xaida, and the hair is a new release from Elikatira, Here. I’m wearing it in Brown 08 from the Essentials pack.

Herbaly’s – Cube’a’Cow
Disco Deals – free Sn@tch Comptesse Heels in white. They’re in the Swag Bag at Sn@tch’s Disco Deals cart. I’m in the Mood necklace at the Dark Mouse cart.
Badoura and Badoura Discount Room – sequined skirt in blue
Arai – The socks are still in the shop for free!
Elikatira – new hair!

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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