Riddle, Woot!, and Style by Kira

A briskly cold Sunday morning where I am. Of course, in SL it can be whatever we want. Still, I am staying in this morning, posing in my living room with Glitterati poses and showcasing some lovely newness I picked up just today.

Riddle is one of my favourite shops in SL. I love the casual simplicity of the designs and the quality of course. Riddle subscribo members were lucky this morning, getting a fatpack of the brand new Vintage Floral Sweatshirts. As well, Chrystina Noel of Riddle sent along a notecard and a landmark to Designer Showcase, where she has replaced her item. You can pick up a fatpack of this wonderful sweater I’m wearing, the Swan Lake sweater (here in blue) for only 99L! Another new release at Riddle are the new Corduroy Pants, seen here in black. You get cuffs for flats and cuffs for heels. These are cozy comfortable. So today it’s almost all Riddle, all the time! 🙂

The hair is new from Woot! This is Heidi in espresso, and Heidi is a nice combination of loose hair and braids. It moves so well, and you can see the clip and the adorable little curls by the ear. Woot! is a fantastic little hair shop and I encourage you to go try some demos. (Thank you, Syndel Daviau!)

You’re going to see skin fair posts all over the place for the next while, but this is a wonderful new skin not at the skin fair. Kira Paderborn of Style by Kira makes some of my favourite skins in SL. I have been hooked on Elora, but now there’s Abigail! I picked this lovely skin up at Designer Showcase for only 100L. You can also stop by Kira’s shop and pick up a couple of more Abigails for this price and less, as they are featured on her New wall. Beautiful work!

Have a Happy Sunday! Slurls and details are below.

SLurls and Details
Riddle – Swan Lake sweater in blue; Corduroy Pants in black (sweater also available at Designer Showcase for a heck of a deal!)
Periquita – Funny Girl flats in black (can’t find a direct landmark, but the shop should be around Oh My Stars somewhere!)
Woot! – Heidi hair in espresso
Style by Kira – Abigail skin 01A (at main store and at Designer Showcase)
LeLutka – 2011 lashes/curl (best prim lashes I’ve seen to date)

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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