Places to Go When You’re on a Tight Budget or Are Planning to Enter a Contest!

As was announced yesterday, there’s going to be a kick off party for RFL at the Red River Ballroom on March 13, and there’s going to be a Found Fashion contest. All the details are right here. Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Gillian, how can I put together an outfit, including shoes, for under 10L??” Well, fear not, lovely people, because help is on the way.

In this pic, my dress cost 0L (and it’s from Gizza!) and my tights cost 0L (Latte). I’ll tell you about the boots later. I picked up the dress at Fab Free Headquarters and the tights are a Latte group gift: no cost to join that group and lots of gifts there. So there are two tips for freebie shopping: stores that collect items from generous designers and group gifts. There are also lucky boards. For example, Bukka has 3 lucky boards going and the prizes are exceptional! I love it that G always seems to come up there, too đŸ™‚ Below, I’m going to provide a list of places you can check out for low cost/no cost shopping. And these places do not offer that newbie stuff that’s so 2006. These are shops that anyone would be happy to shop at. I regularly make the rounds to see what’s new.

Now these boots…

These are the Victoria Velvet boots from House of SilverJinx. I was wearing a SilverJinx outfit when I did my Wasteland tour a few posts back. I found out today that I mis-posted the link to SilverJinx and people were being taken to a welcome hub. Gah! My apologies! I’ve corrected the link on the wasteland post and it will be correct here>> The House of SilverJinx. There’s a nice array of boots at SilverJinx for 50L!! I also picked up the whimsical dandilyon pair. Love them! One tip, though. If you pick up these well-made boots and find that they are sliding into the floor when you wear them, just slip on a foot shaper from another pair of boots or shoes in your inventory of somewhat the same shape. That will fix it right up.

The List!!
Fab Free Headquarters
Fabulously Free in Second Life, more freebies from well-known designers than you can believe!

In Her Shoes
Free shoes, boots, flats, pumps, runners….awesome

Enky’s Dollar Store
Dollarbies from top SL designers; clothes, shoes, jewelry

Dany French Touch – lovely dollarbies; I especially love the leather jacket for women

Kuri Style, Freebie and discount section

Bukka, Lucky chairs

Although hair, shapes, and skin are not part of the contest, who can resist good shops that offer such things!
Vignette – Free hair, free shapes, free home decor

Savoir Hair – Free and dollarbie hair from SL designers

I’ll have more links to freebies, lucky chairs, midnight mania boards and the like as I run across them. Happy Shopping!


About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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3 Responses to Places to Go When You’re on a Tight Budget or Are Planning to Enter a Contest!

  1. Angela says:

    What a great post! I love the fact that you are sharing all the great low cost and free stuff in sl…my favie hair is still a freebie one out of even the ones I’ve paid a lot for. Dollars are tight right now for most ppl, which mean lindens are tight as well. Thx for sharing info to help us all look good without taking out a loan ^.^

  2. :Dandi says:

    Did you see Second Life on FaceBook gave your blog link an official “like”? I shared it with them last week. Now you can say Sl ‘likes’ you ^.^

  3. No, I didn’t! OMG, thank you!! đŸ™‚

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