RFL Opening Event at Red River: Just Over a Week Away!

Here’s the lovely sign that was made to promote this fun event coming up on Sunday, March 13 at the Red River Ballroom. Whoo, we are going to have some fun! DJ Annie Lane will be rocking the house with some awesome and fashionable music. And the Found Fashion Contest will be held as well. All the details about the contest and the list of shops and stores that can help you in your quest are right here on this page!<–clickie!

We'll vote on the best Found Fashion outfit at the event, and the winner will be shot by me (that's photography, not fire arms) and featured in Gillian's Island. But no one is going away empty handed. I've wrangled some of SL's best designers to help me out and they've donated some FABULOUS items for the event. Everyone will get these items absolutely free. I'm wearing one of FOUR sweater/shirt/undershirt combos that Ramulus from Sonic Death Monkey has donated. These are really nice, casual, and fun. He’s also donated a pack for the guys. In addition to Ramulus, there will also be lovely gifties from Style by Kira (it’s a skin!!!), Le Poppycock (the girls haven’t told me what they’ve got cooking up in their wonderful cuisine), Riddle (I think it’s a lovely little sweater), and Sakka’s Studio (Sakka is donating her versatile and summery deck shoes!). I’m so excited!!! Thank you to all our designers for their generous donations!

So get busy and put that outfit together! Oh, as for the sign? The bit about “the number one SL fashion blog”? Well, I think I am number one for some wonderful Red River denizens, but I don’t claim that title across the SL blogosphere. đŸ™‚


SLurls and Details
Sonic Death Monkey – Lefsipol Layers in blue, gift for RFL event at Red River Ballroom, March 13
Luna’s Boutique – Buttoned jeans, latest group gift
Armidi Gisaci – Viniani Heel in Desert
Elikatira – Glory hair in Brown 12, special edition for The Dressing Room Blue (oh, this hair makes me weep with joy….and melodrama)

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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