J’adore les nouveaux éléments à Le Poppycock!

Bonjour! And that’s the extent of my French. But I do have a whack of items in my inventory from Le Poppycock. And those lovely ladies, Julliette and Olivia have some big news! Not only have they released new poses AND lovely new tops, they’ve acquired a new mainstore on Osaka that is spacious and pretty…the perfect showcase to their varied and eclectic mix of merchandise. I urge you to go and explore Le Poppycock. If I had to describe their style, I would call it contemporary nostalgia. The poses are often poignant and always well done. The clothing and the jewelry have a contemporary style with old fashioned elements. Shapes, stockings, shoes…you’ll find all this and more at Le Poppycock. On to the pictures!

Thank you, Julliette and Olivia!

SLurls and Details
Le Poppycock
– Talula tee. NEW. This lovely tee comes in 6 colours: 3 sheer and 3 opaque. I’m wearing “Like eucalyptus and cigarettes” 🙂 The cute cap sleeves are easily adjusted for the perfect fit.
– Lace booties – Treads on Desire
– Lace stockings (although you really can’t see them). The stockings are to be had for a nominal price in the gacha.
– Into Nothingness necklace – this is part of the contemporary nostalgia that I was talking about. So sweet!
– New poses!
Sassy Kitty Design – Willow skirt, black (for earlier TOSL)
Mariposa – Animosity bracelet, silver (no longer available)
Fashism – Sunrise eyes, blue (visit the new Fashism mainstore and prepare to be swept away!)
Xaida – Heidi Pale, 01 skin
Dura – Girl**18(Black) hair

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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3 Responses to J’adore les nouveaux éléments à Le Poppycock!

  1. Ikon Innovia says:

    Thanks again for all your lovely, complimentary posts showing off eyes from FASHISM! Love your blog, Gillian. 🙂

    – Ikon

  2. It’s certainly my pleasure, Ikon…Fashism eyes are beautiful!

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