So Beautiful….

I’m just a raindrop in a bucket
A coin dropped in a slot
I am an empty house on Weed Street
Across the road from a vacant lot
You know life is what you make of it
So beautiful or so what

Ain’t it strange the way we’re ignorant
How we seek out bad advice
How we jigger it and figure it
Mistaking value for the price
And play a game with time and Love
Like a pair of rolling dice
So beautiful, so beautiful
So what
~Paul Simon~

Faboo footwear from Ducknipple!

So beautiful or so what…


SLurls and Details
Morea Style – Linda dress, Special Easter Gift-go pick it up today!
Ducknipple – Elektrica footwear, comes with 6 colours of socks!
Curious Kitties – Fishnet leggings – from SL Marketplace
Aluinn – Briar Choker, from Briair Jewelry set that includes earrings NEW (thank you, Bratty Slade!)
LouLou&Co – Nevermore bracelet, from Twisted Hunt
Fashism – Sunrise Eyes, Deep Grey (thank you, Ikon Innovia!)
Favole – Scorned skin, 1, Cleavage
ETD – Laine hair, smoke (no longer available)

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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1 Response to So Beautiful….

  1. Ikon Innovia says:

    Thank YOU, Gillian! You make my eyes look good with your mad styling and photography skillz. 🙂

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