The Horror That is Chompers!

Fandango is a beautiful sim! Shopping, residential, that small town atmosphere that most of us look a long time for. There’s even a wonderful live music club that hosts some of my favourite SL musicians, including Mamaa Saiz and Frets Nirvana. And Christine Svenska, owner and proprietor of Fandango, is a talented builder and fashion designers. You can find Fandango’s mainstore on the sim. So, I was out enjoying myself on Fandango not that long ago and wandered out behind the club, which is called Chompers (foreshadowing….wait for it!). And I saw this sign.

What could possibly happen??

Oh. My. God. Yes, Jaws scared me out of the water back in 1977 and here were those fear surfacing again! That beast was relentless, taking me under the water and shredding my clothes! Luckily, after he spit me back out and I clambered back on the the dock in a state of exhausted dishevelment, I found a freebie gift for having survived the shark attack: a pair of tiny shark earrings and an outfit that includes some less-than-there shorts and two different tees. Click on the shots for better resolution.

You might want to wander out back behind Chompers, too! Never a dull moment over at Fandango.

Fandango Sim – home of Chompers club, Fandango mainstore, and that shark!

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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