Frick is Back!!!

I was so happy to get a subscribo notice from Fricka Morgath saying that her shop was re-opening for Hallowe’en and that she’ll “see where it all goes from there.” Whooo!! I raced over there as fast as my little pixels could carry me to take part in the little hunt going on (look for witch hats), see the new skin (yes, and buy the new skin…I bought more than one skin!), and bask in the wonderfulness of Frick! I’ll show you one of the skins I picked up, nice and close. It’s Truffle L’exposition in the Sugar tone. I also picked up an Alice skin, so look for her when you get to the shop. Make sure to take a look at the eyes. I got these at the Frick gacha machine! They are clockwork eyes.

I teamed the infrastructure up with hair from You can pick this up for free by taking part in the Season’s Hunt. You’re looking for a pumpkin. My top is actually the Bijou dress from Ingenue and the Seasons Hunt as well. My pants are from Lola and they come with a little top from The Gallery Gift Shop. They’re looooow cut in the back, so a long shirt is must if you don’t want to be showing that butt cleavage (now the search engines are going to have a heyday). If you do like to show that, then these are for you! 🙂 The rest of the details and slurls are below.


SLurls and Details
skin – Frick, Truffle L’Exposition, Sugar
eyes – Frick, Brass Clockwork Eyes, blue (from the gacha machine….there’s also a gacha machine with silver clockwork eyes)
hair –, Apple, black, The Seasons Hunt
top – Ingenue, Bijou dress, The Seasons Hunt
pants – Lola, baggy pants, The Gallery Gift Shop
boots – DECO, test boot, Cherry, for Fifty Linden Friday (still out as of Saturday night)
necklace – G Field, spider choker, free with Hallowe’en gift currently instore until the end of October

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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