Sunday Morning Mishmash: Wish You Were Here

Lots of goodness all over the grid this weekend! I seem to have spent all my time shopping, hunting, and listening to music. Not a bad weekend so far, right? First up, I want to tell you about a Taste of Second Life (TOSL). For this round, the theme is “Think Pink” and all proceeds from the goods offered this week go to the American Cancer Society. Guen DeCuir from CoLLisions is offering a wonderful pair of delicate earrings with the poignant name of “Wish You Were Here.” They’re on for only 25L through to Oct. 18.

Rico Plisskin from Aphotic Gloom released some new amazing eyes. It’s the third Special Edition of the Acquilius eyes and they are fantastic! I’m wearing Anya eyes. The Blackberry version is just as lovely. You kind find them all at Fashionably Late.

The Zombie Popcorn Hunt got underway yesterday. You’ll be looking for a small red-and-white striped box of popcorn. I had a great time popping around to a lot of the shops yesterday. I’m wearing some of the stuff I found: the hoodie from HolliPocket and the highwaisted shorts from C’est Moi. The poses for this blog post are from *Boom*–there’s a nice set of modeling poses out for Lazy Sunday. All the rest of the details are below.


SLurls and Details
earrings – CoLLisions, Wish You Were Here, for TOSL, NEW
eyes – Aphotic Gloom, Aquilius eyes, Anya, NEW-find them at Fashionably Late
top – HolliPocket, Hoodie, Fruit-Punch, for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt
shorts – C’est Moi, high waist black shorts, for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt
tights – Jane, lil piggies tights.fuzzy.bk raven, recent group gift
boots – Kboots, black
skin – Apple May Design, Brielle, Peach
hair – Elikatira, Alright, Black 04
poses – *Boom*, modeling pack, for Lazy Sunday (75L)

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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