Gillian’s Brave New World: Go Mesh or Go Home

Finally, I’m trying out mesh. Phoenix now supports mesh so I figured I’d better get a move on and see what the deal is. LaRosa is having a huge 50% off Christmas sale right now and they have an entire mesh section, so I headed on over to see what I might like. Turns out, I like quite a few things! Mesh is different, though (Thank you, Mrs. Obvious). I’ve lost my hips, and my butt looks disconcertingly real. 🙂 I chose this cover-me-up turtleneck dress with a belt. It’s really gorgeous. And the movement of mesh is spectacular!


Slurls and Details
dress – LaRosa, Mesh Long Turtleneck Dress, Size 1 (you get two sizes in each package, 1 and 2)
shoes – JeSyLiLo, Flat.Moon, red, League of Christmas hunt (you’re looking for little teddybear heads in the LoC booths)
hair – Dark Mouse, Alex, blonde/3, big hair sale on over there, with some on for 0L! (and I don’t mean just a sale on big hair)
skin – LAQ, Ebba, fair

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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