coldLogic evokes hotEmotions

Well really, how can well made, vibrant, and exciting coldLogic apparel not evoke hot emotions?! There are more new releases from coldLogic: a brand new dress and some wonderful combo items – jackets and tubes. Check them out! You can click on the pics below for larger versions at Flickr.

First up, the carey dress. I’m wearing it in pineapple.

The herrick dress adds a pattern to the skirt portion. Here it is in green!

The robins combo of jacket and tube top can be worn with both items, with the jacket only, or with the tube only. I’ve got all three versions here in the grape/grey combo.

I’ve worn the dress and combo separately but I have it on good authority that the two can be combined. Find the new coldLogic releases at their mainstore, on SL Marketplace, or at MarchMeshMadness12. MMM12 is “a sim wide mesh-only event in which 20 mesh product creators, including coldLogic are taking part for a two week extravaganza of mesh awesomeness” (from coldLogic notecard). Mesh out, everyone!

yellow dress – coldLogic, carey.pineapple MESH NEW
green dress – coldLogic, MESH NEW
jacket and tube – coldLogic, robins.combo, grape/grey

For yellow dress:
boots – G Field
leggings – 22769, flower leggings in dark, Black Market event
necklace – League

For green dress:
shoes – ETD (no longer available)
necklace – Addiction

For combo:
boots – ETD (no longer available)
tank – aberrant, Black Market event
pants – Phoenix Rising

Worn in all shots:
skin – La Petite Morte
hair – analog dog, Susanne
eyes – ID

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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1 Response to coldLogic evokes hotEmotions

  1. tinliz says:

    The pineapple dress and your blonde hair are fabulous together! Very nice!

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