Worst Backdrop Ever

I’m hoping that there comes a time in every blogger’s life when they shoot against a backdrop and realize after that it’s The Worst Backdrop Ever ever ever ever…. This is that time for me. However, I believe the outfit more than makes up for it and see? I have a shadow! :) And I also took in SL Fashion Week and found a bundle of good stuff. Details below. (Unfortunately, SL is harshing my buzz and I can’t get to SL Fashion Week. I’ll add the slurl when I can. My apologies.)
New hair! And its for guys, but it works for me.♥♥

SLurls and Details
skirt – DirtyMind, Black Dipped Leather Skirt at SL Fashion Week
top – justB, no longer available
boots – Lassitude & Ennui, Lazy boots, black, at L’Accessoires
hair – [iruco] hair 28M
skin – Wow Skins, Faith, tan, at SL Fashion Week
eyes – Insufferable Dastard, Stellar, blue
ring – olive, Binding Black Bow Ring, SL Fashion Week group gift
poses – Le Poppycock

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