The Hayseeds!

It’s week three for Gillian and TinLiz’s theme weeks. And this week, it’s hayseeds. Hicks. Hillbillies. Daisy Duke and Ellie Mae Clampett. Or our versions thereof. It was fun! Hey, when you can include a broken tooth and a straw of what looks to be barley, you are cooking with gas! Check us out. Also, if you’d like to join us in the theme weeks, developing the themes in your own ways, IM me inworld and I can let you know what the theme will be.

Working in the country is hard work. It involves working the land (or the lake)…

…and working with animals and/or poultry.
“Don’t ya just luuuuuv these chickens, Gillian?”
“Shore ’nuff do, TinLizzy!”

But at the end of the day you can look forward to a nice soak with the fruit.

Happy Hayseeds!

Both TinLiz and I grew up on a farm and live in the country in RL. We always do this stuff and we always look like this! 🙂

TinLiz’s Gear
Shirt: Intrepid, My Faithful Flannel Tie Shirt (red)
Bandeau: Sn@tch, Little Leather Bandeau Top (red)
Shorts: Liv Glam, K Collection Joey denim Shorts
Boots: Lash Ware, Loose Boots(brown leather)
Socks: Sn@tch, Playsocks(brown)
Hair: Truth, Bunny(fudge)
Watch: HOC Industries, ladies watch (black)
Necklace: HopScotch(sunflower necklace- gift)
Wrist Cuff: Snow Bound, wrist cuffs-wide(brown)
Earrings: ChiMia(cherry blossom)
Chipped Tooth: Adore&Abhor, broken tooth alpha
Bikini: Kastle Rock Couture,Brass Bandeau Bikini

Gillian’s Gear
boots – Le Poppycock, Cowboy Boots, Do-se-do
top – Sn@tch, Harbor Denim Bustier, pink
shorts – BUTT-ERR, jean short shorts
bikini – FK Virtues, Kon Tiki Bikini, Plum and Dark Orchid
hair with hat – Elikatira, Claim, Blonde 07 (hat is colour change)
skin – CandyDoll, Catalina skin, Lazy Sunday July 2011
makeup – Cupcakes, Spring eyeshadow, blue, on special right now over at the Cupcakes sim
eye – Insufferable Dastard, Stellar eyes, teal (old GSP item)
mouth straw – Chewin’ Straw from Stratton Straps on SL Marketplace (a search for “hick” will bring it right up)

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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