Le Poppycock: Le Spring Sale!

I tried to find the very first blog post I did that featured items from Le Poppycock. I didn’t make it back that far. I’ve been enamored with the high quality fashion and poses made by Olivia Lalonde and Julliette Bade for over 2 years, and I probably have at least 200 (if not more) blog posts that feature at least one of their items. One of the things I love about shopping at Le Poppycock is the variety: poses (ah, the poses!), tops, shoes, dresses, skirts, glasses, stockings (oh, the stockings!), bikinis….the list goes on and on!

Why am I telling you this? Well….my girls at Le Poppycock are having a Spring Sale!! It’s spring cleaning time and everything (excluding fatpacks) storewide is 50L or less!! Some stuff may show up later on Marketplace, but some may disappear. I urge you to get over there. It’s like a magical treasure chest and I know you’ll find many things to delight you. I had a difficult time putting together an outfit for this post because I just couldn’t decide what to wear! So I chose one of their earliest tank tops and then just piled on the goodness. All the details are below!


From Le Poppycock!
top – Le Tanque, Dust of Exploded Beliefs
skirt – Le mini, grey
stockings – Airy, Solstice Stockings
shoes – *Peeptoe* Puddle-wonderful
bangles – Gummy Bracelet
necklace – Into nothingness
earrings – Like a Prayer
glasses – In folly ripe (forehead)
skin – Audrey, Lavendered (Cleavage)
manicure – *Polish* Sucre set, Fruit des anges
poses – *Bon Ton* pose set, NEW
bag – bag is also Le Poppycock but now I’ve lost it in my massive inventory!
(what did I tell you about variety!?!)

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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