You say tomato

You say tomato
My RL/SL sister, Liz Winterstorm, and I often get together and talk about SL. The best part is hearing how we each pronounce places and brands in SL that we only usually read or say in our heads. For example, she says “Meh-TRAY-a” and I say “MAY-tree-a.” She says “FA-meshed” and I say “FA-MESH-ED” (I say the “ed” bit…I know it’s not that lol). I’m sure we have more but that’s all I can think of. We’ll have to have coffee soon and see what else we can laugh at each other about.

Gifts from GachaLand:
*PROMAGIC* GachaLand Gift Earrings
RAPTURE – Top Anne-Maitreya-Ocean Pearl
Romazin – Necklace
VENGE – Nose Piercing – Aglaea -Gold Amethyst
~AtaMe~ Sabrina Ruby shoes Black Sole

Izzie’s Twinnie Jeggings Appliers
no.match No_SUFFER hair blonds
GENUS Project Classic Face head, Maitreya Lara body, Le Forme Idryrl Genus skin applier, pale
[KiiKO] Tattoo – Lavender under my clavical (c. 2016)
WarPaint* Parisienne Eyeshadow hud [Genus] at Uber
Pink Fuel Silky Shine Cherry Bloom lipstick Genus from Powder Pack Genus March 2019
Shot at Endless

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Play me a 78

Play me a tune
Crank up the gramophone, put on a 78, and let’s remember how it was when records went fast and time went slow.

The Annex Estelle Dress – gold, for the Saturday Sale
[Gos] Boutique Janet Platforms – Pink
[bh] Gold Hoop Earrings
ExXeSs MELODIA Mesh Hair
euphoric Becky Lipgloss&Eyeshadow Collection, eyeshadow, in Powder Pack GENUS December 2018
[PF] GENUS HD Lipstick Applier – Silky Shine – Cherry Bloom in Powder Pack GENUS March 2019
GENUS Project Classic Face head; Maitreya Lara body; Le Form Idryl GENUS skin applier, pale
Belle Poses Mayla 3
Shot at Borneo

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Whan that Aprill

Whan that Aprill
Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote,
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote,
And bathed every veyne in swich licóur
Of which vertú engendred is the flour
~Chaucer~General Prologue~Canterbury Tales~

Back in the day of system layers and flexi, one of my favourite pieces of clothing was the Fluorite Tree Corset by Schadenfreude. It was released 9 years ago. I still have it! I loved the beautiful colours: green and purple. So when I ran across the Rina Bodice from The Forge at this round of Uber, I snapped up the Oil colour because it reminds me of Fluorite. Shimmery greens and purples with a sexy edginess. Speaking of flexi, I picked up this fabbo Curly Sue Hair from Make It! on SL Marketplace. It’s a nice looking flexi and you could wear it out and about, dancing up a storm. It’s also lovely for photos. Best of all, it’s only 50L. Snap it up! The rest of the details follow.

[The Forge] Rina Bodice, Oil at Uber leather sandals, ink
Curly Sue hair from Make It! on SL Marketplace (50L and very flexi)
GENUS Project Clasic Face head, Maitreya Lara body, Go&See skin applier
Le Poppycock *Bodyache* poses
Ma Vie Les Poufs Winter’s End circa 2013
[PM]Pixel Mode – Draped Photography Background (closing out sale at Pixel Mode until April 10)

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Pushed Around in the Rain

Pushed Around in the Rain
So I was over at Dysfunctionality for Fifty Linden Friday and it was raining like a son-of-a-gun! I whipped out my umbrella that’s part of a pose/prop pack from Le Poppycock and decided to wait it out. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who walked into me and pushed me around while I was standing there! I mean, come on, it’s not like it’s Black Friday! Anyway, I am showing off my new top from Neve which you can find at Uber. Look at the back of it. Sweet! Happy Saturday.

Neve Rattled top NEW at Uber
Blueberry DWL Capri Jeans Dark Blue
Elle Boutique Zoie Sneakers Black
Empyrean Forge Serenity Necklace (sad to discover that EF is no longer open)
RunAway April Hair browns
GENUS Project Classic Face head, Maitreya Lara body, Pepe Skins Wilda applier
Umbrella pose/prop by Le Poppycock
Shot at Dysfunctionality while shopping this Fifty Linden Friday

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Goodbye Stranger

It was an early morning yesterday
I was up before the dawn
And I really have enjoyed my stay
But I must be moving on

Goodbye stranger it’s been nice
Hope you find your paradise
Tried to see your point of view
Hope your dreams will all come true

White River Co Eventide Hoodie (hair on/off) for Fifty Linden Friday Mar 22
Elle Boutique Bloom Bento Rings
KoKoLoReS Coffee Break pose/prop
Shot at Soul2Soul Bay
Genus head, Miatreya body, Pepe skin

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I swear if that penguin gets a ride before I do, I’m going to be throwing some chairs! Taking a break while hitching on Route 66 at the Mirage Motel. My little pen(guin) pal has further to go than I do, and I’m not sure he knows that there are none of his people up there. Ah well. I’ve got a great new Neve dress on called Stark and my hot hair/hat combo is from Elikatira at yesterday’s Fifty Linden Friday. Going my way?

Neve Dress – Stark – at Tres Chic
Equal Alex Boots – fatpack at Equal10 until April 5
Elikatira Ellen hair – Exclusives for FLF Mar 22
Le Poppycock pose/prop from the *Chasing Dreams* pack
Shot at Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66

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Big Sky

Big Sky
There’s nothing I like better than a big big sky. All that space, you can see forever, and it’s never the same thing twice (unless you get day after hot summer day of blue skies). I found a sweet spot over at Luane’s Spring World. Maybe you can find your spot there, too. I love my outfit!! You can check out the details below.

SK la dress ICE at Tres Chic until April 10 (yes, I should have picked up the fatpack)
Equal Alex Boots fatpack at Equal10 until April 5 (can’t see them well but they are adorable little cowboy boots!)
e.marie//Alexis Earrings – 14ct gold at Kustom9 until April 10 (three different sizes)
Magika hair – Ivy
GENUS Project head Classic Face; Maitreya Lara body; Pepe Wilda skin applier
Gingerfish pose from the Gloss pack
Shot at Luane’s Spring World

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