I am transformed!

I am transformed!
I am transformed!!I’ve been eyeing up June for a while now and I took the plunge. June 2.0 is a beautiful avatar with well proportioned curves, a load of self confidence, and the greatest of potential. June 2.0 comes with the whole avatar, but head and body are separate so you can wear other SL heads! And she comes with folders full of clothes and accessories, with more to pick up in the Marketplace store. June 2.0 is in beta right now, so she’s not completely what she will be. But if she’s this good now, I can’t wait to see where she goes. Love her!

Piggu: June Store June 2.0 avatar on SL Marketplace
Piggu: June Store June 2.0 tee (tinatable), shorts, flipflops (come with the avatar) on SL Marketplace
AsteroidBox Y2K Paris Glasses, purple
Izzie’s Noir Cat Necklace (copper)
Cae Mariposa Stud Earrings
Stealthic Ivy Hair, browns
Le Poppycock *On Edge* Lean and Mean pose/prop
Shot at Mimmo

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Peaceful Sunshine

Neve is out with an adorable new dress! You can find Flora at FaMESHed. I’m not doing it complete justice here. Flora is a three-tiered strapless confection that is highly customizable and perfectly fitted. You won’t want to experience SL summer without it! I’ve teamed it up with Mosquito’s Way Danielle shoes at the WIP event. Make summer your own!

Neve Dress – Flora at FaMESHed
Mosquito’s Way Danielle Mini Pack 4 at WIP event
Sintiklia Hair Rylee – Naturals
Shot at The Getaway – Nutmeg

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This is Fine

This is Fine
When you can look to the stars and still see some hope.
When you can look up in the sky and see a better day.
When you can promise to yourself and everyone else that you will do better.
When you can vow that you will speak up.
Do it now.
Do it today!

TETRA High-waisted tie pants
erratic / top GROUPGIFT20
Ingenue Miyu Heels at Stand for Justice
Deep Static Celeste Diamonte Glasses at Stand for Justice
Stone Earrings by Madame Noir
[monso] My Hair – Dafnis/Mixed
Avada Madu Lipstick Applier, Genus
GENUS Project head; Maitreya body; NUXE skin applier
Shot at Astral Dreams

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Bonjour B*tches!

Bonjour B*tches!
All you need is a sassy graphic tee and some pansies in your hair. Happy Weekend!

LiFonti Graphic Tee – Bonjour Bitches at the Miix Event
*LODE* Head Accessory – Pansy [red] at Shiny Shabby
Kiru Rosa Earrings
[Orsini] Julie Collar
Kunglers Carly ring (Cosmo 8th Ann gift)
Livia Lovely Red Lipstick [Genus]
Shot at Mimmo

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The New Day

The New Day

No matter what yesterday was like, birds always start the new day with a song.


*COCO*_FittedVest_Grey at Uber
*COCO*_PinStripedShorts_Grey at Uber
Maitreya Gold, Shanti Fatpack Lara shoes, group gift
Kunglers Lidia Necklace, Amethyst
Kunglers Carly Ring Cosmo 8th Anniversary Gift
Stealthic Shallows hair, Browns
SamPoses – Budge pose/prop
Shot atWision

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A Bag for Your Hand

A Bag for Your Hand
Ooh, I love this new bag from Mosquito’s Way. The Maia Clutch Bag is so lovely and it comes with a HUD so you can coordinate every little bit of it. What I really like is the pose. The holding pose works with AOs and poses and it’s perfect! I always want to carry a bag in SL but could never find one that didn’t plunge into my body now and then. You can find the Maia Clutch at the Dubai Event. The rest of my details are below.

Mosquito’s Way Maia Clutch Bag at the Dubai Event
[Eternus] Charlie Dress, brown Cosmo Anniversary Gift
Kiru Rose Earrings (special color for Flora Anniversary)
Stealthic Shallows hair, Browns
Neomenia – skin Zoi [Genus/April] (matches PUMEC body appliers)
Izzie’s Lipgloss, Genus Project appliers
Psycho:Bytes Pose 2, Cosmo Anniversary Gift
Shot at Wision

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Dream On

Dream On
Every time when I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by, like dusk to dawn
Isn’t that the way
Everybody’s got the dues in life to pay
~Aerosmith~Dream On~

Just BECAUSE Katia Top, fatpack
Safira Kyra Skirt, Cielo at Cosmopolitan
Pure Poison Juls Necklace, Gold Graphite, Cosmo 8th Anniversary gift
Ysoral Luxe Nose Piercing Wendy (salamander)
Truth hair, Vivid fatpack
Genus Skin Applier /March – Honey/
[Black Tulip] Lady 12 pose
Raindale Spiritvalley mirror

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Words are Cheap

Words are Cheap
Promises are words.
And words are cheap.


Prairie – Jazlin Dress
Deep Static Nancy Glasses
Ysoral 01 Luxe Nose Piercing Wendy for 60L Happy Weekend Sale (it’s a little salamander!)
KUNI – Erin Classic hair for 60L Happy Weekend Sale
ChicChica Lilo pinky ring
GENUS Project head; Maitreya body; .euphoric lipstick
Le Poppycock *Overexposed* Words are Cheap pose, NEW SET at Cosmopolitan
Shot at Hazardous

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Weeny Frog

Weeny Frog
Last weekend, Jinx offered a sweet petite avatar for Wanderlust weekend. Look at her!! So sweet! And she has a dress as well as the shorts with a HUD of different colours. She’s adorable. I added a pic of her with some chairs so you can see how petite she is. I love her!

Jinx Weeny Frog Princess Bento Avatar, Wanderlust weekend, May 16, 17
Adorkable poses (vintage)
Shot at .Lunaria.

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Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones, Mr. Bones,
How do you feel, Mr. Bones?
Mr. Bones feels rattlin’
Ha ha, that’s a good one!
~From a musical number in the movie White Christmas~

I know, it’s not Christmas. But I was out dancing with a very debonair skeleton and I couldn’t resist naming him Mr. Bones. I found him dancing animeshly…quite the mover. I’ve wearing a bunch of gifties from eBento’s 3rd Anniversary. Check them out below.

ADI Fran Bodysuit, Black, at 2nd Chance
Aphorism Cavalry Boots, Black
Sn@tch Fishnet Tights with Socks Omega HUD c. 2016
Kunglers Pietra Necklace, Peridot
B(u)y Me: Jana Studs, Gold, Anniversary Gift at eBento
Vegas Maitreya Tattoo Om 15, Anniversary Gift at eBento
SlackGirl Carezza Mesh Nail Maitreya, Anniversary Gift at eBento
WOW Skins Marisol Pearl applier
GENUS Project Classic Face W001; Maitreya Lara body
alaskametro<3 DuoChrome Eyeshadow
TOP1SALON HD Two-Faced Genus Lipstick, Palette 1
Sintiklia Lady Hair, Browns
Shot at !Xof Hangout!

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