A Small Mishmash

I’m not sure what got me all autumnal since it’s still mid-summer in my hemisphere. Still, the modest yet sexy pencil dress from Chain and Vine seemed to inspire a bit of colourful foliage.
I like the contrast between the demure dress and the fun and frivolous makeup from [MOCK]‘s latest group gift. All the details are below.

dress – Chain and Vine, Pencil Dress, Burgundy (SL Marketplace)
shoes – Kalnin’s (no longer available)
makeup – [MOCK] Cosmetics, Winter Rainbow Collection Blush [Neon Berry] and Dark Side of the Rainbow Eyeshadow
skin: Glance, eyes: Poetic Colors, hair: iruco, pose: Le Poppycock

Love is the Only Gold

Love is the only gold.
~Alfred Lord Tennyson~

That’s a lovely saying. However, I also found lovely gold in the form of these shorty short shorts at LOULOU&CO, so I went inventory diving and got all golden.

My wicked hot eyeliner is new from Eyelure!

shorts – LOULOU&CO – Short:: Sheila, gold
eyeliner – Eyelure Liquide Liner, black, NEW
eyes – Insufferable Dastard, Undead Eyes/1, VIP Gift 7/28/14
top – Izzie’s lace top, gold (from one of Izzie’s clearout packages)
shoes – G Field, Strap Shoes “Alex” – gold from the metallic8 pack
necklace – Lassitude & Ennui, Chunky gold necklace
earrings – Sn@tch, Daphne earrings, swag bag FFL 2011
skin: Glance, hair: Sadistic Hacker (no longer available), poses: Le Poppycock

New from Poison and a Monday Mishmash

>>>Poison<<< has released the awesome Zero Biker Jacket. There are many colours to choose from and if you get the full pack, you can have them all!
A mishmash is a thing of beauty. All the details are below.

jacket – >>>Poison<<< Zero Biker Jacket_female, colour change HUD in full pack (tons of options!) NEW
top – LOULOU&CO, GYPSY, black circa 2012
skirt – Lunas Boutqiue, black leather miniskirt, circa 2012
socks – Izzie’s Overknee socks, navy
boots – Treads, Kboots, black
necklace – Lazuri, Classic Glamour Midnight Blue
hairpiece – LODE Head Accessory – Waterlily [black]
skin: Glance, eyes: Poetic Colors, makeup: [MOCK], hair: Argrace, pose: Le Poppycock

Sisters of Galaxis

My RL/SL sister, Lizzy, and I took in the Fifty Linden Friday sale by visiting The Plastik and picking up the mondo package of dresses, jewelry, and footwear that make up the Galaxis Outfits. We decided to do a photoshoot based on this package. Well, we truly are sisters because we chose the same dress in different colours! Great minds think alike, it would seem. We also both checked out the huge hair sale at EMO-tions. Don’t miss out on that!

Details for Lizzy
Dress: The Plastik-Lyza Dress, Mysteron
Hair: EMO-tions-Felice, dark brown
Shoes: G Fields-Strap Shoes “Alex” patent
Earrings: Chaos, Panic, Disorder-Luna
Necklace: The Forge-Boadicea’s Necklace, silver
Eyes: UH-Crazy For You,black
Eye makeup: Finn Indiference eyeshadow
Lips: Dulce Secrets, Fresh Purple Lips
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement, Casual
Hand Tattoo: TAOX, Fingerless Lace gloves, black

Details for Gillian
Dress – The Plastik, Lyza dress, Beyond (for flf)
boots – The Plastik, Nabirye boots, Beyond (for flf)
stockings – Sn@tch, fishnet tights, black
nails and rings – Sin & Virtue, circa 2011
tattoos – CoLLisions, Raven’s Tears (face) and Celtic Armbands (arms)
hair – EMO-tions, *Karen* darkbrown
skin: Glance, makeup: Eyelure (eyes) and Glance (lips), eyes: Poetic Colors, pose: marukin (2011)

The Wall: Magnifique Poses

Friday Mishmash

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. And if that means wearing a tutu and white hair and lime accents, so freaking be it!

skirt – Sn@tch, Sunny Mesh Tutus, white, from Wide Open Skies fishing outfit
boots – Mesh_DM Combat boots, green, from OMG Room gacha
tights – Sn@tch Wide Open Skies stockings, white, from Wide Open Skies fishing outfit
top – WoE Kylei Transparent white tank 2010
pasties – HUIT, 2011
tattoo – Kunstkammer, 2009
necklace – from Earth Nirvana, 2012 Marketplace
hair – .::S::. Annah, White, 2011
glasses – Amala, Alyssa glasses – Clear – Lime
skin: Glance, poses: Le Poppycock, backdrop: katink, eyes: Poetic Colors, makeup: [MOCK]

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part
~Tom Petty~
It’s quite possible that I have used this title and these lyrics before. I’ve been SL blogging since October 2010, which in SL time means since about 1945. So, my memory is a little hazy.
A big thank you to Lyric Demina from Chain and Vine who passed along some of her new items to me. I did a little mixing and matching with two different outfits. So pretty!

top – Chain and Vine, the back-cross lace tank from Norma Jean’s Tank and Skirt outfit, blue (SL Marketplace)
capris – Chain and Vine, Capri Casuals, faded (SL Marketplace)
shoes – G Field, Deck Shoes, baby blue from the 6 sweet pack
hair – EMO-tions, Doreen, brown pack
skin: Glance, makeup: [MOCK] (eyeshadow), eyes: Poetic Colors, pose: Le Poppycock, necklace: Yummy

Boots for All Seasons

I`m a firm believe in boots for all seasons. These lovely flowery boots from Lassitude & Ennui are a nice counterpoint to the sexy, summery top from Dark Water Designs. I`m all jaunty!


top – Dark Water Designs, Tulip shirt, Pink/Gold Print
boots – Lassitude & Ennui, Nostalgia boots, dusty rose
jeans – Decoy, Layla 84 jeans, black, vintage
hair – Damselfly, Vivynne, Brown Driftwood
skin: Glance, eyes: Poetic Colors, poses: standing-Ma Vie, head shot-Purple Poses