Depraved Nation March Gacha Madness!

Who doesn’t love a good gacha? This gacha madness is on till March 17. Prices start at 5L. Be careful, though. There is at least one gacha that contains non-transfer items, meaning if you get doubles, you can’t give them away or trade them. But this may not be a big deal to you. Other than that, good clean Depraved Nation fun! Check out the t-shirt, knee bands, and socks: all from the March Gacha Madness. The black socks have purple skulls on the back. Very chic!

You are going to see this hair EVERYWHERE in the next couple of days. It’s from [Shag] for Project Themeory. So, awesome hair at low price equals a stampede to buy the hair. Go. Get it. You’ll love it! It’s called Pussy Galore. You’ll love it more! ❤ James Bond.

The March Group Gift skin at Filthy is out. Such a beautiful skin in three tones, with and without cleavage. There’s a reasonable fee to join the group.


SLurls and Details
Items at the Depraved Nation March Gacha Madness event:
socks – Razorblade Jacket, purple skull (gacha madness)
t-shirt – Shirt Shop, Skull and Crossbones (gacha madness)
knee bands – [bubble] Lace Knee Bands, pattern 5 (gacha madness)

hair – [Shag], Pussy Galore, Mink, for Project Themeory, 2 3-colour packs for 75L each
shorts – Maitreya, Jean Shorts*Faded
boots – Death Row Designs, looseboots buckle black
skin – Filthy, March Group Gift (fee to join group)
eyes – Insufferable Dastard
poses – from Vista AO

About Gillian Galicia

I'm a Canadian woman taking in the fashion of Second Life. If I meet a new friend or have a few laughs, all the better!
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1 Response to Depraved Nation March Gacha Madness!

  1. tinliz says:

    You have managed to soften this outfit even though the clothes say “attitude”. It’s a change for you. A person has to display skull and crossbones sometimes!

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